Monday, July 9, 2012

Confirmation of What I Knew

Unless you really work at losing won't. 

I weighed myself this morning.  And for the record, weigh in will be on Monday morning, before I get in the shower.  Usually this will have involved drinking a half cup of coffee already (just I am doubtful that the 4 oz of coffee will have an immediate impact on my weight).

Last Monday I weighed myself....and recorded it.  *sigh*  I weighed myself this morning, and it was exactly the same.

While I am hoping some of it is water weight (I had more salt than usual this weekend), the end result is that in the past week I made minor changes.  MINOR.  Minor changes may add up over time....but that is a long time.  MAJOR changes are needed.

So, starting off week 2....we are at a net of ZERO. 


  1. Mysti, I am a late night nosher also. Not unlike me to get in bed with a good book and then get up twice for goodies. last Night it was to make 2 smores and then for barbeque chips and then a bowl of dry fruit loops! I have gained about 10lbs this last 6 weeks. So I will be joining you every day.

  2. I suppose I should start a blog for my weight, too! Nothing else is helping me lose weight.

    1. I have found "putting it all out there" hold me accountable for my actions. Welcome!