Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Official Starting weight....again

I weighed myself this morning:  224.2.

The last time I weighed myself it was 226.2, so I was happy to see that I was down 2 lbs, although I really haven't done much to earn it.  As I have been mentally gearing up for the journey, I have been trying to be conscience of how much I am eating. 

I will be officially re-joining Weight Watchers today.  The last time I did WW, I went to the meetings and such.  Financially, I can't do the $50/mon.  So I will have to do it on-line.  I am really looking forward to the phone app, as I think that will be my greatest asset.

I will have to read up on the new plan.  When I first started WW in 2009, it was the Points plan.  Then it changed to PointsPlus in 2011, and now we are at WW360.  I understand the basics of the points system, so it is just getting used to the new system...what counts for what, etc.

One of the biggest challenges I am going to face right now is losing weight while trying to put weight on my son!  He has a feeding tube, and a very high metabolism.  The kid walks by the fridge and loses weight!  We are trying to get him to gain 2 lbs a month right now.  We were told to load up the fat!  Load up the carbs!  Get some meat on those bones.

So while he munches on his potato chips....I will just watch.

There are huge changes that I will need to make in my day to day life in order to be successful.  The first of which....eating on a regular basis.  Yes, I am guilty of not eating breakfast.  Or lunch.  Then by 2:30 I am starving and I eat everything in sight.

I have started taking my lunch to work (man, I hate packing lunch....), but I am noticing that I am not starving anymore.  Who woulda thunk it?

So here we go.....

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  1. I'm not sure if you still check this blog, or if comments would come to your email... But, if you are, or they do...

    I would love an invite back to your other blog (if you are invited people to read it still - you may have decided on a full freeze.). I have only the best wishes for you on your continued path towards debt reduction! I wish you luck in getting back on your path (I know it's been a ROUGH month or so!).