Monday, July 22, 2013

Here we go again......this time for good!

So, I fell off the dragged behind it....pretty banged up.

But I hit a point a few weeks ago where I just didn't feel good.  Physically.  Emotionally.  Time to buckle down.

I will be 40 in May 2015....and for whatever reason....this is bothering me.  I will not be 40 and be like this.

So....I decided that the day that the Royal Baby was born would be my official re-start date.  I figured that I had no control over that date, and when the time came....well, that would be that.  With the birth imminent....I guess here we are.

I will update more tomorrow....with my current weight and such. Some other things I will be doing now that I am restarting this journey is really being gritty honest about a few things.  No sugar coating for me. 

I am in debate about pictures.  Those of you who have come on over from my main blog, Digging Out From Our Mess, know that I have NEVER shown a picture of myself.  And I am still not ready for a face pic.  But I am wondering if body shots would be helpful.  I might take them and keep them for myself.....not sure if I am ready to share THAT much of me.

The basic plan at the moment is Weight Watchers on-line.  Lots of water.  Starting with (2) 30-min walks per week and increasing as we go.

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