Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Mini Goal

With July behind me now, it is time to reset the Mini Goal.  I learned a few things from July (both personally, and from a blog stand point).  The biggest, it BE REASONABLE.  Also, I have to have a better way of tracking things...which means I need to either blog more often, or have another way of remembering what I am doing.

August's goal is going to be drinking more water.  From a health standpoint, water is the best choice for hydration and bodily function.  Depending on what you read, anywhere from 6-8 glasses (48-64 oz) is ideal.

So my August goal will to be to drink 1500 oz.  That is just over 6 glasses a day.  I already know that some days I won't hit 6 glasses, and some days I will drink more.  I am hoping to average it out.

Anyone else want in???


  1. I'm in...but, already drink about 10-12 glasses of water a, my goal will be to exercise FOUR times a week for Aug. I'm on track to meet this goal!!!! :) Good Luck!